40th Anniversary

40th Anniversary

Kong Hans 1976-2016
From September and for the remainder of the year we will be serving, in celebration of our 40th anniversary, a special jubilee menu, honoring our long and proud history as well as our three previous head chefs:

Michel Michaud   1976 - 1980,   Daniel Letz   1981 - 1996,   Thomas Rode Andersen   1996 - 2014

Our regular a la carte menu will not be served during this periode as we have chosen to devote ourselves in full to this tribute.

We look forwards to welcoming you

Mark & Peter

Hommage à Kong Hans


quail egg & caviar

oyster & salted lemon


frog legs & tarragon

cep mushrooms

det best of the duck & Jerusalem-artichoke


salted cod, smoked cream & tomato

venison, caviar & crème fraîche

Langoustines à la Nage

Michel Michaud

Monkfish fried on the bone

olive blanquette

Sweetbread confit

chestnuts & cep mushrooms

Rabbit tortellini

Parmigiano-Reggiano, browned butter & truffle

Pigeon & truffle sauce

Daniel Letz

Our selection of mature cheese

with garnish


white chocolate & apple

Baba au Rode

Thomas Rode Andersen


-- DKK 1.750 --


Hommage à Kong Hans with wine pairing, mineral water, coffee & sweets

-- DKK 3.000 --

Hommage à Kong Hans with prestige wine pairing, mineral water, coffee & sweets

-- DKK 4.000 --